In case you're not aware, the large photo at the top of your home page is actually one slide of a slideshow.  If you add more slides, you'll end up with a slideshow that shows all slides for a few seconds each, before looping back to the first slide again, and continuing indefinitely.

To add more slides to this slideshow...

  1. Log into the Members Area as an administrator

  2. Click on the Admin link in the top-right corner to display the Administration Dashboard

  3. Scroll down to the Website Content section and click the link called Banners (home page) in the far-right Database tables column

  4. Click the Add new banner button in the top-right corner
  5. If your Home page is using the "Stockland" (full page) slideshow format, the first thing you should do is click the link in the help box at the top of the page, to view a different page for uploading the photo.
  6. Enter a name for the slide (not shown to anyone but admins)
  7. Upload a photo from your computer.  Note the the photo you select must be resized correctly before it is uploaded to the website.  The correct size, in pixels, is shown on the page (for example, 1150 x 448 pixels)
  8. If you enter an web address into the URL box, then the entire slide will be "clickable", and clicking on the slide/photo will take your visitors to the address of the page you specify
  9. Enter a Display ranking number, to determine what sequence this slide appears in the slideshow
  10. If you would like a "quote box" (a black rectangle with white text superimposed on top of the photo) for your slide, then complete the Quote Box section, including the text for the quote box, and the box's size and position (in pixels)
  11. Click Save at the bottom when you're done
  12. Return to the Home page to view the slideshow