HarmonySite Nightly Backups Option

 Data disasters happen - everyone's got at least one story about them. While it's true that server hard drives can fail, hardware can be stolen, or datacentres can burn down, it's WAY more likely that your data will be lost by simple human error - accidentally deleting something, or overwriting some data and then wanting access to the original.

 We have many organisations using our nightly backup service, and on average we retrieve lost data from our backup storage for somebody around once a week. In other words, it's pretty common to lose data.  Our nightly backup service is a great safeguard against that.

Note that all HarmonySites are backed up regularly, whether you pay for our "Nightly Backup" option or not.  There are two levels of backup:

1. Standard Backups (Free)

With the standard (free) backup system, which is always enabled on your account, your website is backed up once every 24 hours, and once every month.  So there are always exactly two backups available - one from last night, and one from the first of the month.

Backups are done to another hard drive on the same server.  So in the unlikely event that the entire server is destroyed, then unfortunately all data is lost.

Restoring data due to users accidentally deleting things will be charged at $80 per hour (unless it only takes a few minutes, in which case there's no charge).  Other types of data-restore (from server malfunctions, etc) are free.

2. Our Nightly Backup Option ($40 per year)

With this option, your website is also backed up every night, but this option has the following advantages...

  1. ALL historical copies of your data is kept.  Every day's copy - right back to when we first started your backups - not just yesterday's and this month's.
  2. Data is backed up to a remote server in a separate city.  So if the entire HarmonySite server is somehow completely destroyed, there are still backups available
  3. Restores are free.

The cost for this option is $40 per year (plus GST for Australian groups).

 Let us know if you need this option enabled on your account.