HarmonySite has been designed so that the webmaster's role is minimised.  Ideally, a typical HarmonySite webmaster will have nothing to do unless something goes wrong.  The upkeep of the site's content is delegated, ideally, to the members of the group that have responsibilities for that content.  For example:

  • The group's membership manager would be given privileges to administer the member database
  • The group's event coordinator would be given privileges to administer the event calendar
  • The group's music team would be given privileges to administer the music library (MP3s, sheet music, etc)
  • The group's publicity officer would be given privileges to edit the public-facing pages of the website
  • And so on...

In a HarmonySite, the privileges of each member is governed by their login record.  If you need to adjust the privileges of a member to give them administrative privileges, do the following:

  1. Log into you HarmonySite and click the Admin link in the top-right corner, to display the Administration Dashboard

  2. Scroll down to the Members line, and click on Member Logins in the centre column

  3. Click the member's username, in the right-hand Login(s) column
  4. If necessary, change their Access level to Data Administration Access
  5. Tick the boxes that correspond to all the areas that the member should have administration privileges over
  6. Click the Save button at the bottom when you're done

Note that if you choose Webmaster Access for a login's Access Level, you implicitly give that member full administration privileges to all areas of the website.