NOTE:  This article does not apply to HarmonySites that are "members area only" sites.  This only applies to sites that have a public-facing component.

Most groups that get a HarmonySite already have a prior existing website.  They get HarmonySite for a one-month free trial, and then at the end of that month they decide that they want to proceed with HarmonySite as their group's main website and members area.  They continue with the process of adding content to their new HarmonySite, and eventually deem it to be "ready" - ready for launch to their members and supporters.  In other words, they are ready to connect their domain name, and make their new HarmonySite "live".

For example, let's say your group's name is "Fine Group", your domain name is, and that your trial HarmonySite was created at  When your new HarmonySite is ready for launch, you want to connect the domain name to your HarmonySite, so that when someone visits, they are taken to the new HarmonySite.  After that happens, your HarmonySite will be able to be found via two web addresses, and

How to do it

Note that if we (HarmonySite/Virtual Creations) manage your domain name (we're your domain name provider), then we will do this for you.  All you need to do is tell us when you're ready for it to happen.  If we are not your domain name provider, then read on...

To connect your domain name to your new HarmonySite, you need to log into the website of your domain name provider - the website where your domain name was registered and is now managed and renewed.  If you don't know who your domain name provider is, then contact us - we may be able to find out for you.  Once logged in, you need to locate the place where you change your domain name's "nameservers".  This is sometimes called "delegation".  The place where you change nameservers is different in every domain name provider's website.  Once you've located the place where nameservers are changed, replace any existing nameservers with the following...

...and then wait several hours for that change to take effect.  Please also let us (HarmonySite) know as soon as the change has been made, so that we can update our records.