The following Committees & Teams administration topics are detailed here:

  • The Committees & Teams page
  • Committee/Team's Details Page
  • Adding a Committee/Team
  • Updating and Deleting a Committee/Team
  • Adding a Document for a Committee/Team
  • Creating a Mailing List for a Committee/Team

The Committees & Teams page

All your HarmonySite committees & teams can be viewed on the Committees & Teams page. To access this page, proceed as follows..

  1. Log into your Members area as an administrator
  2. Click on the icon called Committees & Teams.  If you don't see this icon, then click the Admin link at the top-right corner of the page to take you to the Admin Dashboard, then scroll down to the Members section, and click on the Committees & Teams link in the Public/Member Pages column.
  3.  You are taken to the Committees & Teams page, shown below..

Your groups committees and teams are listed here, along with the number of members in each, and the number of documents stored in the system for each.  Clicking on a team's Name will display the committee/team's page (see below).

A new committee/team can be created from this page by clicking on the Add new committee/team button at the top-right of the listing of teams.

Committee/Team's Page

Clicking on a team Name on the Committees & Teams page displays the Committee/Team's page. The top half of the page looks like this..

This section of the page displays the following:

  1. The name of the Committee or team whose details you are viewing.
  2. Buttons to Update or Delete the committee/team.
  3. The name of any mailing list associated with this committee/team. If a mailing list doesn't exist, a link will be shown here to allow you to create one.
  4. The team members are displayed, along with their photos. Any team leaders are identified under their photos, as shown in the image above.

The bottom half of the page displays the documents associated with the team, and allows admins to add new documents for the team, as shown below...

Adding a Committee/Team

From a HarmonySite perspective, a committee/team is simple to set up. You need to give the team a name, and manually select the team members from a list of members. You can also specify whether the committee/team is currently active, and whether the committee/team's documents are to be kept private (visible only to the committee/team members) or not (visible to all members).

A new Committee/team can be created from the Committees & Teams page. To do this, click on the Add new committee/team button (circled below)..

This displays the Committee/team Details page. To add a new committee/team, proceed as follows:

  1. The top section of the page is shown here..

    Enter a Name for your new Committee/Team.
  2. A committee/team can be active or inactive. "Active" means that they are listed on the Committees & Teams page.  By default, all new committee/teams are "active"
  3. Ticking the Documents are private? tickbox means that all documents displayed on the committee/team's page are visible only to members of that committee/team.  If the box is not ticked, then all documents on the committee/team's page are visible to any member who can log into your HarmonySite with Regular Member Access.
  4. Next, the Committee/team members for this committee/team are manually selected from a list of your members.

    Simply tick the boxes next to the names of any members who are to be a part of this committee/team.
  5. Next, the Leaders/Captains/Chairpersons for this team are selected.

    The names of any team leaders are ticked in the same way as described in step 4 (above). Note: Any person selected as a team leader must also be selected as a member of the committee/team in step 4.
  6. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Updating and Deleting a Committee/Team

A committee/team can be updated or deleted from the committee/team's page. At the top of the page, under the name of the committee/team, are Update and Delete buttons (circled in the image below)...

To update a committee/team, click on the Update button. This displays the Committee/team details page. Modify any of the page details, just as described above in the section called "Adding a Committee/Team".

To delete a committee/team, click on the Delete button. This displays the Confirm Delete page. Click Confirm Delete at the bottom of the page, to delete the committee/team.

Adding a Document for a Committee/Team

Navigate to the page of the Committee/Team that you want to add the document for, as described in the "Committee/Team's page" section above. The bottom half of this page is a list of the documents associated with this team, if any. To add a new document for this team, perform the following steps:

  1. Logged in as an administrator on the Committee/Team's page, scroll to the bottom half of the page to the Documents section, and click on the Add new document button on the far-right at the top.
  2. On the Document Details page, the first section appears as shown here..

    Enter a Title for the document.
  3. Select the Type of document. In the case of the club shown above, they only have one "Committee Document Category" of General committee/team document, and so this is displayed here. Otherwise, the Type of document field will appear as a drop-down, listing the types of document available, as shown below.

  4. The member the document is Posted by and the Date Posted are both required fields, and will likely be filled in automatically.
  5. The bottom half of the Document Details page is shown below..

    The document you are adding can be a document uploaded from your computer, or it can be a YouTube video.
    To upload a document, click on the Choose File button (circled above), and select a file from your computer. Add Text to display for the document (this text will be used as the "filename" for the document on your site).
    To make the document a YouTube video, or to upload a YouTube video along with your document, simply copy the video URL into the YouTube Video URL field.

  6. Below this, there is a "For more information" field, allowing you to specify a URL to link to further information regarding the document, and a Description field, where anything additional required can be added to the document page.

  7. Click Save at the foot of the page.

Creating a mailing list for a Committee/Team

A mailing list for a team can be created from the Committee/Team's page, outlined above. At the top of the page, under the page title, we can see the Create mailing list link (circled in the image below)..

To create a mailing list for your Committee/team, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the Create mailing list link (circled above). This displays the Mailing list Details page.
  2. The top of the Mailing list Details page is shown in the image below..

  3. Enter a Name for your mailing list, such as "Website Team Mailing List".
  4. Enter an Email address and Password for your mailing list. Note that you are inventing a new email address here (and inventing a password).  This will be the email address that people send emails to if they want their email to be distributed to all members of the committee/team.  For example, if the mailing list is for the "Website Team", then you could enter something like webteam into the email address field, which will create the email address
  5. Specify who can see the new mailing list...

  6. The number entered for Display Ranking specifies where this mailing list will appear in the list of mailing lists on the Mailing List page.
  7. Click Save at the bottom of the page.