In case you're not aware, we (HarmonySite support staff) will import your existing member database for you for free.  This will save you a considerable amount of data-entry time.

Generally speaking, we will be able to import just about anything you have.  However, there are a few limitations, listed below in the "Requirements" section.

You are welcome to include ALL members in the list you send us, including inactive/former members.  When all member details are imported, only "active" members will show up in most member lists in your HarmonySite by default (this can be changed by you, if required).  If you're including inactive members in the file you send us, be sure to specify each member's status, by means of a column (or columns) containing this data.

If you're not sure about anything we've described below, or have other questions, please contact us.


Please ensure that the file you email to us meets the following criteria...

  1. The file should be in Excel or CSV format. Other similar formats are acceptable, such as Google Sheets. If you don't have anything like that, please send us the file anyway, so we can check it. It may well be fine. If not, we'll let you know.
  2. No unusual layouts please.  The data in the file must be in a typical "grid" layout, with each line/row representing one member, and each column representing one piece of information about members.  For example, column headings might be:  First name, last name, email address, voice part, etc.  So each "cell" in the file (the intersection of a row and a column) would represent one piece of information about one member, such as "(123) 456-7890" (the home phone number of one member).
  3. Please ensure that the names of members are in TWO (or possibly three) columns: One column for each member's first name(s), and one for their last name. The third column could be the name they're commonly known as (e.g. "William" might be commonly known as "Bill"). If you send the database to us with a single column for names (first name and last name combined into one column - e.g. "William Smith"), or if you have entries in the "first name" column like "William (Bill)", we will ask you to separate each name into two/three columns and resubmit the file.
  4. Similar for home addresses.  We need each part of the address to be in a separate column.  In other words, we won't accept files where the whole address is in one cell, such as "123 Smith St, Smithville, CA, 90123".  We need separate columns for:
    • Street address (can be split into two columns, if required)
    • Town/city/suburb
    • State (optional)
    • Postcode/zip code
    • Country (optional)
  5. Similar for phone numbers.  Please don't put all the phone numbers into one cell, such as "123-456-7890 (H), 345-678-9012 (W), 987-654-3210 (C)" (all in the one cell).  Please separate them out into columns for Home phone, Work phone, Mobile/cell phone.  If you submit files where all a member's phone numbers are in one cell, we'll ask you to separate them and resubmit it to us.
  6. Please don't use colours to indicate certain details of a member, such as their status (e.g. "red font means an INACTIVE member").  Instead, specify that information in a separate column of its own.


Feel free to include all the data that you track/store about each member.  Even if the HarmonySite software doesn't have a spot for a particular column (e.g. "Shoe size") we can often create one - usually by means of a "member audit".

If you track any of the following, be sure to include it in the file you send us...

  • Email address.  Note that if you track more than one email address for a member, you must include them as separate columns.  The HarmonySite software can store as many email addresses as you want for each member, but only the first/primary one is used by the software for communications purposes.  The other email addresses are simply stored for record-keeping purposes.
  • Voice part or orchestra/band section.  HarmonySite supports only one section per member.  If you have a member that performs in two sections, then you have two choices:  (1) You can specify their primary section only, and ignore the other one, or (2) you can invent a new "dual" section, such as "Baritone/Bass".
  • Partner/spouse
  • Birthday, anniversary, partner's birthday
  • Occupation
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Emergency contact details (all in one column, please)
  • Member ID (either from SAI, BHS, etc, or from your own membership system)
  • Membership status (active, leave of absence, former, etc).  If your file doesn't contain a column for this, we'll assume all members are "active".
  • Membership level (full, associate, life, honorary, prospective, etc).  If your file doesn't contain a column for this, we'll assume all members are "full" members.

What Can't be Imported

We can't import the following details...

  1. Username/password.  These will be from your old system, and can't be imported.  They need to be created manually in your new HarmonySite.  Fortunately, the HarmonySite software provides a mechanism for creating usernames/passwords for ALL your members, and email them the details, in one operation.
  2. Positions/roles.  These need to be created manually in your new HarmonySite.

If your Excel/CSV file contains columns for this data, it will save us time if you delete those columns before sending us the file.