If you don't like the large photo at the top of your Home page, it's easy to change.

Note that this photo is actually the first slide in a slideshow.  This means that it's possible to add more slides to this slideshow.  It also means that instead of removing the slide, you can instead mark it as "inactive" (assuming there are other "active" slides), so that it's still there if you change your mind about removing it.

To edit this one photo...

  1. Log into the Members Area as an administrator
  2. Return to the Home page
  3. Click on the little Update icon in the lower-right corner of the photo
  4. In the Photo section, replace the photo that's there with one uploaded from your own computer.  Note the the photo you select must be resized correctly before it is uploaded to the website.  The correct size, in pixels, is shown on the page, just above where you select a new photo (for example, 1150 x 448 pixels)
  5. Click Save when you're done.

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